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A brand that for decades, looks back on a vibrant past and looks to an exciting future. Since its founding in 1957, GRAVEL has seen trends come and go, yet has always remained true to itself:

Intense, elegant, genuine.

GRAVEL perfumes are the essence of a long and eventful life. Unique and charismatic like their creator Michael B. Knudsen (b. 1911), who traveled from Europe across the ocean (Across the Ocean) traveled to the USA and lived the American dream (American Dream) pursued by creating America's first men's perfume: A Man's Cologne. Ever since Michael Knudsen opened his very first bottle in New York, 46th Street and Madison Avenue, he spent decades in the American metropolis and created perfume concepts that fascinate to this day. Every GRAVEL bottle gets that "certain something" from the addition of stones from the Hudson River, which are still added by hand to every bottle today.

Michael Knudsen, founder of GRAVEL

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