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Unsere Parfums folgen den Empfehlungen der IFRA
(International Fragrance Association). Daher halten wir alle von Dermatologen
und Toxikologen Empfehlungen ein. Jeder Duftstoff wird bewertet und getestet,
um die gesundheitliche Unbedenklichkeit nachzuweisen. Alle Inhaltsstoffe sind
gemäß den geltenden europäischen Vorschriften in der Liste der Inhaltsstoffe
auf der Verpackung jedes Parfüms deutlich angegeben. Im Falle einer
allergischen Reaktion sollte die Verwendung des Parfums sofort eingestellt
werden. Sie können nach einigen Tagen einen Test vornehmen, um festzustellen,
ob es sich tatsächlich um eine allergische Reaktion gegen das Parfüm handelt,
aber es ist dringend angeraten, einen Allergologen zu konsultieren, um den
auslösenden allergischen Stoff zu identifizieren.

In general, the use of any cosmetic product and subsequent
and subsequent intense sun exposure can cause phototoxic or photoallergic
photoallergic reactions. We comply with all regulations regarding
ingredients, however, the use of perfumes is generally not recommended,
under intense UV radiation.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and
depending on nutrition, PH value, water balance, bacterial flora, etc.
the scent develops differently. Depending on your skin, the perfume develops individually
and you always have to test it on your skin to
find your perfect scent.

According to EU regulations, testing cosmetics on animals is prohibited. Therefore, our products including perfumes, soaps and
creams are never tested on animals.

Yes, Gravel perfumes can be purchased as samples here on the

People get used to the smells that we are regularly exposed to very quickly. If you wear the same perfume every day, there is a good chance that you will no longer be able to perceive it as strongly. In this case, it is advisable to change your perfume every now and then, or not to wear perfume for a few days now and then.

As an alternative to the skin, the perfume can also be applied to your clothing. Perfumes last longer on textiles than on the skin. The hair can also be perfumed.
Dry skin retains the smell of perfume worse. You can therefore lubricate your skin with an unscented moisturizing lotion before applying perfume.

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A perfume is usually composed of 150-250 individual fragrances. These fragrance notes are divided into different notes. The classic structure of a perfume is based on the fragrance pyramid. It consists of top, heart and base notes.

The top note is perceived first. The first
Olfactory note of a perfume is the odor that is smelled immediately after application
becomes. This note is mostly invigorating and usually contains fresher nuances like
for example citrus nuances. The scent unfolds instantly, however
the top note represents the shortest phase of odor development.

After the top note of a perfume, one perceives the heart note. It forms the middle phase of the olfactory pyramid and strongly influences the appearance of a perfume. Especially the long-lasting fragrances of Gravel smell for several hours. Here the heart note is smelled to a large extent.

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The foundation of a perfume is the base note. Heart and top notes are always created for them. The fragrance phases slowly merge into one another over hours. The scent nuances of the base note are mostly sensual and heavy. It unfolds its aroma a little later and combines the different nuances of a perfume with each other.

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